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If you have found this page, it is likely your heart is hurting or maybe you’ve realized life is not as you planned and your capacity for happiness is diminished in some way.  You’ve landed in the right place.

As a Life Coach and Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®, my focus is to support people who are struggling or struggling to adapt after a significant loss.

Deep down, I think all of us know being strong, staying busy, sitting isolated waiting for life to improve doesn’t work. Improving our lives is oftentimes difficult and can be even more so when your resulting condition was caused by the loss of someone significant or the loss of ‘someone or something’ that defined who you were.  Losses don’t always include a death. There are things that happen and you find yourself in a position where life isn’t what you thought it should be. The bottom line is this: If life isn’t working or life is difficult, there is hope.

The right information, effective tools and support can make the difference when nothing else can. You may think there’s no answer to your specific dilemma. It could be you believe nothing will help, especially after an extensive search or years of searching for answers. My expertise as a Life Coach and Grief Specialist has been proven helpful to people trying to find their way after a significant loss or find their way when life just isn’t working. If you’re wanting to learn more or are ready to experience life differently, schedule a free consult.