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I work with people wanting to move beyond a loss, heal their past or find a sense of peace, purpose and direction in their lives.

If you have found this page, it is likely your heart is hurting or maybe you’ve realized life is not as you planned and your capacity for happiness is diminished in some way.  You’ve landed in the right place.

Most people think grief is caused by death or divorce. But, there are over 40 life events that cause a sense of loss resulting in grief. Everyone is different but many people experience a sense of numbness, reduced concentration, changed eating habits, disrupted sleep patterns and a roller coaster of emotions in the early days of a loss. If you were not taught how to deal with loss, it is likely you’ve tried to be strong or stay busy waiting for time to heal your wounds. More often than not, you grieve alone.  Trying to be strong, staying busy, waiting for time to heal while grieving alone is quite normal in our society, but not healthy.  We often spend months, if not years, depressed or anxious as a result of unresolved grief. There’s pain that can be relieved by looking at grief a little differently and by gaining some tools to better cope when bad things happen. Often times, our children are left alone, just like we are, to cope with circumstances without proper tools. What we have learned about loss and grief can be quite dangerous especially for our children. (Monkee see, monkee do!)

Instead of having good tools to deal with difficult times, people resort to destructive behaviors to distract themselves.

No matter how long ago a loss, unresolved grief, can affect your energy, your spontaneity, and eventually, if not immediately, your overall health and well-being. It takes a lot of energy to hold onto the pain associated with current or past losses.

Aside from death and divorce, the following is a partial list of reasons why people work with me

  • struggling with a miscarriage or the death of an unborn child
  • dealing with aftermath of a death by suicide
  • relationship estrangement (a child, parent, sibling, friend, or created by adoption)
  • the inability to trust in a relationship due to past wrong-doings or losses during childhood
  • adjusting to a move
  • loss of health, financial freedom, or faith
  • loss due to incarceration or jail sentence
  • empty-nestsyndrome
  • children in your life are grieving or have experienced a loss

I have a couple of ways that you can work with me.  

The first is the Grief Recovery Method® 

You can join a group or work with me one on one (in person or online) where we utilize the Grief Recovery Method®. If you’re wanting to feel less isolated, a group may be for you. Or, if having others available for support during the time you are not in class is helpful, a group may work best. Working with me one on one is good if you are interested in exclusivity, you are not interested in a group experience or feel you can achieve more healing with undivided attention. The groups take place once a week for 8 weeks. One on one using the Grief Recovery Method® is 7-weeks. We take the time to:

  • Discover the losses or life events holding you back
  • Determine which losses or life events are causing you the most pain or preventing you from developing healthy relationships or having the life you want
  • Identify what keeps you stuck
  • Take actions to get completion and move beyond the pain

UPCOMING GROUPS for 2020: Learn more or enroll 

Work with me 1 on 1: schedule a call

The second way to work with me is to bring me on as a Life Coach.  

As a life coach, I help you to experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.  If there are goals you want to reach, having a life coach can be the best investment you’ve ever made.

In a nutshell, we discover those things that can bring more fulfilment to your life. You may want to experience more confidence, more success in your career, better health or improved relationships. Perhaps you feel lost and don’t know what would help improve aspects of your life.  We can discover what “it is” that keeps you stuck.

We figure out how to eliminate, reduce or manage those things/experiences you want less of.

We work as a team to figure out what IS in the way of you having more happiness and fulfilment, more joy and more peace, more confidence and more energy.   Whatever your case may be, there are solutions.

Life coaching can provide the support you need to move beyond the obstacles that prevent you from having more of what you want.

Work with me as a life coach: schedule a call 

EITHER WAY (Grief Recovery or Life Coaching),

you must be:

  • READY to explore a new approach
  • WILLING to admit you may be stuck or struggling
  • WILLING to take at least 1% responsibility for where you are (this does not mean taking responsibility for what has happened to you or someone else)
  • COMMITTED to taking ACTION (even if it’s scary — you will have support every step of the way)
  • PREPARED to invest the time and energy it takes to free yourself from the pain and learn the skills needed to deal with loss directly

Because of the nature of grief and/or your individual station in life, I work with people after we have had time to discuss your unique circumstance. If you are ready, schedule a call. (there’s no cost for the initial call).

For next class times, visit my Grief Recovery Method page. I facilitate the Grief Recovery Method® and When Children Grieve ® programs.

To learn more about utilizing a Life Coach versus working with a Therapist, click here.

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