There would never be enough words to fully describe how insightful and courageous Rhonda is as a coach. My life will forever be improved thanks to her ability to “see and feel” into the root of what was keeping me stuck and then explain the connection so I could get out of a huge rut and start living my dream life! She is such a loving and supportive coach who was willing to help me create a simple and powerful plan that started to work instantly! I feel like I hit the jackpot by treating myself to this opportunity.     ~Sara S. (Jul 18, 2016)


Rhonda is a gift to this world. We first met at a professional conference, where we sort of met by accident, and instantly started having a very meaningful conversation. She invited me to have dinner with her, and introduced me to the concept of grief. I really never knew what it meant before… I thought it was just feeling sad and depressed because someone died. It is so much more than that. Rhonda has been incredibly generous with her time, kindness and wisdom, guiding me through my own issues with grief. I look forward to my continued relationship with Rhonda, and as a fellow coach, I will certainly refer other clients to her. Thank you Rhonda!     ~Jean P. (Apr 14, 2017)


Grief Recovery has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. My mom passed away January of 2016 and since completing the GRM with Rhonda I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I’ve gotten the relief I’d hoped for and it’s hard to explain, but I feel much lighter in my feelings. I miss my mom every day but I feel more at peace with the past and am able to be happier in my life now. I highly recommend working with Rhonda. She really is a heart with ears- intuitive, compassionate and empathetic, open minded and kind. She’s one of a kind.   ~Brandy F. (Apr 17, 2017)


Since working with Rhonda and completing the GRM, I’ve made some serious life breakthroughs both in my personal life and my career. I felt “stuck” for so many years feeling like I had no real self-purpose. Rhonda helped me strengthen the connection to myself and as a result, take care of things in my life that really needed handling. I no longer feel like I’m just floating through life. With her training combined with years of her own life lessons and experience is why I believe Rhonda can connect with people on a level that most people cannot. She just gets it and can help. And that’s exactly what she did for me. I can’t ever thank her enough for her guidance. I wished I could have met her years ago.   ~Trish H. (June 16, 2017)


My experience created mind blowing changes and realizations why I did things, the way I did them. I believe my experience was more enlightening with Rhonda’s Life Coaching Skills.  The process we went thru does affect all areas of my life and changed me for the better.  My emotional moods are more stable, not so many highs and lows. It has improved my self-esteem and affected all my relationships and I continue to have new discoveries for change. ~H.M. (Feb 28, 2018)


After my son Will passed away this past summer I became paralyzed with grief. I sought help from several therapists and counselors but found no help at all. I was on the brink of a medical intervention when I reluctantly reached out to Rhonda. She responded immediately and never once tried to tell me how I was SUPPOSED to feel. During the course of our sessions, she helped me sort out my grief in so many healthy and effective ways, always listening. She listened not only to what I was saying, but also what I was feeling. Though the work was hard and sometimes painful she has given me my life back. My love for Will is even stronger, my days are no longer filled with dread. I cannot thank her enough. Her intuition and compassion have brought me back from the brink. ~Nick E. (Nov 29, 2018)


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